Jaya Gautam is the co-founder of WomenNow TV, America’s first South Asian TV talk show. A dentist by profession, she has been actively involved in the community for 10+ years. She has also written for local print media. She believes in women’s empowerment and would like to spread the word about health prevention measures and education initiatives. In her spare time, she likes gardening, writing poetry, listening to music and dancing with her children. She loves nature and getting outdoors to hike and camp.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, after moving from India more than a decade ago and loves the look and feel of the place, especially THE most important part- the people. The Bay Area is all about innovation and non-conformity, this makes her feel downright comfortable.

Her childhood was spent in somewhat peripatetic fashion. Moving every year or so, often in the middle of a school year, makes you an adaptable person, she’s found. When life hands you a truckload of lemons, she believes in making a boatload of lemonade!

Writer/ poet/ dentist/ TV/ media/ gardener/ mother