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Happy 66th  Independence Day, India! May you continue to grow from strength to strength, setting the path aglow for your citizens & diaspora, men, women & children, with strength & courage, truth & dignity, hope & kindness. May you hold the flag of human rights & democracy high, a beacon of blazing light holding back the darkness of discrimination, illiteracy, & poverty. May you build bridges of peace & prosperity with your fellow nations of the world.

Jhanda uncha rahe hamara!  (May our flag always fly high, with honor & dignity)

Vande Mataram! (Salutations to the motherland)

Enjoy this beautiful new version of Vande Mataram by Jaywant Naidu & Bhutte Khan Manganiar group (of Barmer, Rajasthan), shot in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, multiculturalism at its best: